Trace the stars with your fingers in hopes you’ll connect the dots, but don’t get caught in the lines that aren’t really there ‘cause there is life in every breath you take and there is hope with every move you make, and every single mistake you think you’ve made should make you feel alive ‘cause you only have one chance to live in this spec we call life.
John O’Callaghan (via bipolarbears-and-mixtapes)
‎”And last, but certainly never least, we would like to express extreme gratitude to every single loyal and beloved person that has given us this opportunity to, after four incredible years, continue to be a part of The Maine. Your passion will never go unnoticed, and if it’s alright with you we’d like yo make music for a long time to come. There is still something to be said for desire. And it just takes a handful of passion to start a fire. Love, The Maine”

Manhattan at 6 a.m.

im not ok. like at all
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